How to Explain Workplace Charging to Your Boss

Posted by Marketing on Oct 30, 2018 08:54 AM


The first step toward getting EV charging stations at work might be getting your boss on board. Not sure how to do it? Start with these talking points:

Benefit employees

Providing employees with various perks at your workplace can help improve the relationship between workers and employers. Companies that provide charging stations at work help their employees increase their vehicle's range, which is a nice benefit! This can help make employees' commutes less stressful since they'll be less likely to have range anxiety. Employees tend to have positive feelings toward employers that offer little perks like this, so providing charging stations could help with retention, the Union of Concerned Scientists pointed out.

Save money on fleets

Companies that manage fleets have to deal with a variety of costs associated with maintaining their many vehicles. Internal combustion engine cars and trucks not only continually need to be refueled, but also require extensive maintenance. Investing in electric vehicles can help companies save on fuel because electricity is usually less expensive than gasoline.

Additionally, electric vehicles generally need less maintenance than ICE vehicles, particularly when it comes to the brakes. Electric vehicles use regenerative braking, which puts less stress on brake pads, the U.S. Department of Energy pointed out.

Advance sustainability efforts

Many companies today strive to invest in sustainable efforts to promote eco-friendliness. Efforts to show off how "green" a company is have become smart ways to boost their corporate image, The California Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative pointed out. Adding electric vehicle charging stations to your locations can become a marketing tactic that pleases environmentally conscious customers.

Aim for a higher LEED rating

On a related note, many companies aim to boost their image through earning a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating. There are four LEED rating levels: Certified, silver, gold and platinum. The rating system depends on the accumulation of points, which are earned through various environmentally friendly efforts and building practices. Installing charging infrastructure is one way to earn these points, and is required for the highest LEED rating.

Take advantage of government incentives

Depending on where your buildings are located, you may be eligible for a variety of government incentive programs when adding EV charging stations to your workplace. There are a wide range of grants, tax incentives, loans, leases, rebates, exemptions, discounts and technical assistance resources for those investing in EV charging infrastructure, according to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy.

It's not overly expensive

Some employers may back away from the idea of updating their parking lots for employees or company vehicles because of a belief that installing EV charging stations would be too costly. The truth is, there are plenty of affordable resources available to companies.

If you want to explore the idea of adding workplace EV charging infrastructure to your location please contact us. We can help you learn about our solutions that allow you to start small and build out your infrastructure over time. With this information, you can make educated decisions that can provide long-term benefits to your company. 


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