Why the Webasto Go Is the Perfect Camping Companion

Posted by Marketing on Apr 18, 2023 07:00 AM

HS2023-Why the Webasto Go Is the Perfect Camping CompanionThe Webasto Go as your companion in the great outdoors can energize your camping or glamping experience.

From glorious national parks that dot the country's vast landscape to off-the-beaten-path campsites found in many rural locales, Americans old and young have a love affair with camping. Indeed, more than half of all campers (53%) are represented by millennials and Generation Z, according to polling done by market research firm Cairn Consulting Group. And why shouldn't they? Whether it's nature gazing, mountain biking, marshmallow roasting or afternoon hiking, the great outdoors has a little something for everyone to enjoy — and at a price that is right (sometimes free)! 

But given the need to stay connected in a digital-first era — both for safety as well as entertainment — it's always nice to bring some comforts of home with you when the stars are your ceiling and the trees are your walls. Hence the popularity of "glamping," which polling from RMS America suggests is the most popular type of camping, particularly among Gen Z.

However, even if tents or RVs are more your jam, the Webasto Go is an ideal glamping and camping companion.  

What is the Webasto Go? 

The Webasto Go is a portable electric charger designed to charge all types of electric vehicles (EVs). A simple plug-and-play solution, the Webasto Go provides dual voltage — both 120 volts as well as 240 volts — providing maximum flexibility for Level 1 (120V) and Level 2 (240V) charging needs. It also comes with a 14-50 grid plug for 240 @ 32A ,which works with NEMA 14-50R receptacles. These receptacles are frequently found at camping sites and RV parks. 

What makes the Webasto Go ideal for camping? 

1. More and more campsites have EV charging stations 

Polls show that many campers would like to see more technology at campgrounds than what currently exists. But you may be surprised by how many campsites have stations that allow you to charge your EV or your Webasto Go. You can always check the website for the campgrounds you're looking to spend the day or the weekend at to be sure, but many national parks around the country are fully EV-ready, including Everglades National Park in Florida, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Zion National Park in Utah and dozens of others. 

2. No need to wait around ‘til your car is done charging  
While camping is great for relaxation and taking it easy, it's also about taking advantage of all that nature has to offer while the sun is shining — be it hiking, swimming, cycling, fishing, kayaking and more. So the thought of having to wait for your car to charge up before you can hit the trails or the water sounds like a real drag. The Webasto Go is made with the active person in mind, stopping automatically when your car reaches its peak charging capacity so it maintains its power longer.  

3. Safe to use if it gets wet 

Weather and activities can be unpredictable when you're camping, including rain or coming back to your site sopping wet from a swim. The Webasto Go is safe to use and handle in the rain or if it gets wet. Even if it falls in the pond or the lake, that's not an issue, as the unit is housed in a NEMA 6P watertight-rated enclosure. 

For glamping, traditional camping, road tripping or any other extracurricular activity, the Webasto Go is designed with the active person in mind.
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