Webasto Provides Charging Solutions On The ‘Go’

Posted by Marketing on Jan 31, 2023 07:00 AM

HS2023-Webasto GoThe Webasto Go portable electric vehicle cordset enables remote charging capabilities for EV users looking for that extra level of assurance on the road. 

Today’s electric vehicle (EV) owners depend on reliable charging solutions to power their transportation needs. Although many EV models can travel over 300 miles on a single charge, the knowledge that a nearby charging station is readily available offers a sense of relief for many drivers. Many EV owners have vocalized the desire for deployable ‘top up’ technologies — devices designed to offer that extra little boost of electricity for those slightly farther-than-normal commutes. 

If you’re amongst the EV enthusiasts who have worried about the accessibility of a charging station while on the road, we’ve got good news. 

Webasto has taken the challenge of charge availability to heart. Although President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law promises to develop a network of 500,000 charging stations across the nation, the surging popularity of EVs in America means that drivers need available charging solutions right now. 

To satisfy the demand and reduce the worry associated with long-distance travel and charging station availability, we’re proud to announce the release of the Webasto Go, a portable electric vehicle cordset.

Portable. Flexible. Powerful. 

Webasto Go offers a premium portable electric vehicle charger with dual voltage (120V and 240V) designed to charge nearly all types of EVs. From plug-in hybrid models to full on battery electric, there isn’t an EV on the market today that can’t instantly integrate with the plug-and-play efficiency of our compact, portable charging device.  

Whether used at home or on the go, Webasto Go is a compact and reliable charging alternative developed in full accordance with the safety requirements of today’s leading automotive manufacturers.  

Backed by the power of 32 amps, EV drivers will enjoy up to 5x faster charging times compared to standard Level 1 cordsets, making the Webasto Go a must-have accessory for the road trip enthusiast.

Easier than ever  

The Webasto Go truly offers a plug-and-play solution for EV owners. That means there are no extra apps to download, no push notifications to manage and no extra barriers to usage. You simply plug in the charger, observe the energy transfer via an easy-to-read LED status bar, and unplug the device when you’re fully charged. 

With its slim, compact and lightweight design, the Webasto Go can accompany you on any journey, regardless of other passengers or luggage coming along for the ride. While other early-to-market portable chargers are available, these units take up substantial space in the trunk or on a seat. The smaller size of the Webasto Go makes it among the tiniest travel companions you could find.  

The Webasto Go offers high power charging at up to 7.7kW, and provides up to 30 miles of range per hour charged, depending on the efficiency of your vehicle. While the unit certainly can fully charge your parked EV between trips, the grab-and-go efficiency of the compact unit makes it a perfect top-up opportunity for travelers while they break for lunch or grab a coffee. 

Safe. Reliable. Rugged. 

The Webasto Go is UL and cUL rated and tested to the highest safety standards possible. The unit’s Intelligent Grid Plug Assemblies allow for safe and reliable charging anywhere. Each device comes equipped with a swappable grid plug that enables low and high-power charging in hundreds of countries around the world. No matter where the road takes you, you’ll be able to efficiently and effortlessly charge your EV along the way. 

Our Smart Plug Technology automatically determines and sets the correct power level according to global technical specifications and legal requirements, eliminating the guesswork and ensuring a safe charge every time. Designed with thermal detection, auto-restart and recovery and ground detection against faults, your Webasto Go portable charging unit delivers a fast and reliable charge that is worry-free.  

We’ve even considered the possibility of unfortunate weather conditions while you charge; Webasto Go has a NEMA 6P watertight rating, which means owners can submerge it in up to 3ft of water. Thanks to the rugged design and lightweight efficiency of the Webasto Go, you’ll enjoy the ability to charge outdoors year round, regardless of the weather you find yourself in. 

With the grab-and-go efficiency of our portable electric vehicle cordset, no destination is off-limits. Whether you’re at home or in the middle of nowhere, with Webasto Go, a charge is always within reach. 


To learn more about the state-of-the art charging and safety features of the
Webasto Go, contact Webasto today. Our team of expert charging professionals would be delighted to showcase the ways this exciting portable
technology is set to change the EV landscape. 

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