The rise of ultra-rapid charging hubs

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HS2023-The rise of ultra-rapid charging hubs
The latest trend in electric vehicle charging: ultra-rapid charging hubs

The surging popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) has resulted in a corresponding increase in the charging infrastructure needed to power them. With automakers setting plans for a sustainable future, the implementation of charging hubs is a priority for many locations around the world. 

This article will examine the rising prominence of ultra-rapid charging stations, emerging technology designed to reduce consumer wait times and afford multiple charging ports in order to accommodate the ever-increasing EV influx. 

Rapid deployment 

In the UK, rapid and ultra-rapid charging stations are emerging at an unprecedented rate. As reported by Zap-Map, May 2022 saw the installation of 805 new charging units across the United Kingdom, of which 109 fit the ‘ultra-rapid’ charging category. The May additions bolster an existing network of 5,860 devices spread across 3,548 locations. 

The article notes that the bp pulse network is leading the charging infrastructure, with 809 charge points, while InstaVolt offers the highest quantity of rapid and ultra-rapid charging devices in the UK, with 777. Industry innovator Tesla is a close second, boasting 722 devices across the country. 

Sustainability is a common goal amongst many nations of the world, and the commitment to charging station availability is a concern for most metropolitan areas. Second only to concerns regarding the volume of charging hubs, is the speed with which they can ‘top up’ the battery capacity of the EVs they service. 

Faster than ever 

Pod Point reports that today’s rapid charging stations can add up to 100 miles of range in under 35 minutes using a 50kW rapid charger.   

Ultra-rapid charging stations claim even faster charging statistics: according to a recent Pure-Ev article, can perform a 0-80% charge in under 20 minutes, shaving an additional ten minutes off of today’s rapid charge rates. 

Factor in the ever-accelerating charging rates of today’s rapid stations, and adequately recharging in the time it takes to run into the coffee shop is no longer the myth it once was.  

Growing infrastructure 

Zap-Map reports that Motor Fuel Group (MFG), the world’s largest independent forecourt operator in the UK, plans to implement a network of 3,000 ultra-rapid charging devices by 2030. The project, to be managed under MFG’s EV Power umbrella, is investing £400 million into the stations — available at service stations across the country in 150kW and 350kW capabilities. 

The continued efforts of companies like MFG indicate an increasing commitment to the network needed to successfully power a move towards the EV future. 

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