The New Hummer Hopes to Make EVs ‘Sexy’

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The wide release of the Hummer EV hopes to bring an element of sex appeal to the market. Examining how the resurgence of the popular brand could impact the EV industry. 

GMC is rebranding the Hummer with a brand new electric vehicle (EV) SUV and pickup. Once synonymous with the aught’s big-bodied vehicle excess, production of the originally internal combustion engine (ICE) models ended in 2010 due to plummeting sales.  

Once maligned for inefficient fuel consumption levels, the popularity of the Hummer’s design – bold lines, aggressive stylings and military origins – have invoked a sense of nostalgia amongst consumers who are willing to forget the gas-guzzling association with the older models.  

This article will detail the features bundled with the Edition One release of the new Hummer, and examine how a bold resurgence could usher in an era of aesthetically-appealing EVs for consumers who prefer their rides to make a visual statement. 

An anticipated release 

Although the Hummer EV line was technically introduced in October 2020 with the unveiling of a pickup truck (SUT) model, a first look at the classic sport utility vehicle (SUV) design came in April of 2021. To date, only a small number of Hummer EVs have been delivered: GM Authority notes that only 373 units had been released in the first half of 2022. 

In order to meet the demand of more than 700,000 pre orders — and to satiate an audience hungry for a more-aggressively styled EV — GM is gearing up for a much wider release. With an estimated 70% of pre-orders coming from buyers new to the EV class, it’s clear that a percentage of ICE consumers were waiting for a particular aesthetic appeal to their EV before making the switch. 

Electric Advantage 

GM hopes to erase the associations with poor fuel consumption that plagued the original Hummer H2 and H3 models. As reported by Cars Direct, the new Hummer SUT boasts a range of up to 329 miles, while the SUV offers around 300. Of the Edition 1 offerings, the EV3X model has three electric motors and is tuned to provide 830 hp for the 300 mile range.  

Releasing in Spring 2023, the EV2X powertrain will have two electric motors and up to 625 hp with the same charge capacity. Finally, the Edition 1 and EV3X handle 350-kW DC fast charging in order to provide up to 100 miles of range in 10 minutes.  

Top Electric SUV notes the appeal of the Hummer EV’s 11,500 lb-ft torque capacity. This feature positions the offering as a serious EV tool with a variety of applications in the commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. Built to handle some serious heavy lifting, one of the EVs more attractive features is its ability to CrabWalk, or drive diagonally to get past tight spaces. Certain variants also feature an Extract Mode feature, which allows the adaptive air suspension the ability to lift and drive over large obstacles.  

The new Hummer EV appeals to a subsect of consumers who appreciate a muscular appearance. By offering a tempting alternative to the portion of the market who utilize their vehicles for heavy-haul operations, GM is positioned to bring a certain level of sex appeal to the market with the new release. 

Edition 1 of the new Hummer EV is expected to be delivered in early 2023, while the EV3X and EV2X version will become available by spring. 

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