3 Reasons to Install a Ford Car Charger Station At Home

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3 reasons to install a Ford car charger station at home You can charge your Ford electric vehicle at public charging stations, but there are some perks to installing a charging station at home. 

In late 2020, Ford will release its Mustang Mach-E, which is an electric SUV that can travel up to 300 miles when its lithium-ion battery is fully charged.

When you purchase an EV from Ford, it’ll come with a mobile charger, which you can keep in the car with you when you drive and plug into a standard outlet when the battery is running low. You’ll also have access to public charging stations, some of which are free while others charge you by the hour.

Every day, as electric vehicles increase in popularity, there are more public charging stations and areas where mobile chargers can be plugged in. However, neither of these options can match the simplicity of charging at home. Here are the top three reasons why you should consider installing a residential charging station at home:

At-home charging is fast and convenient

When connected to a 240 V outlet, your residential charging station can supply you with up to 32 miles of range for every hour of charging. When you arrive at home after a long day of work and park your Ford car in the garage, simply plug in the charger and leave it be. After a night of charging, you’ll wake up in the morning with a full battery.

This means not having to frequently worry about stopping at public charging stations on the way to and from work. Home charging stations are perfect for those who drive a lot, especially if you have a long commute to work.

Charging is cheap when you plug in at home

Rather than paying for each individual charge, you’ll simply have to pay for the actual charging station and its installation. From that point on, the cost of powering up your Ford car will be included in your electricity bill each month, along with your television, computer, refrigerator, etc.

According to Energy.gov, the price of fully charging an EV with 70 miles of range at home costs around $2.60, which is equivalent to using your air conditioner for six hours. Remember, unlike third-party charging services, you won’t have to pay taxes and other fees every time you want to charge your EV.

Installation is hassle free

To install a Level 2 home charging station (a step up from the mobile charger you receive upon purchasing your Ford car), you’ll need a professional installation service. Trying to install it yourself is a safety hazard. 

Fortunately, Webasto has a nationwide network of EV-certified electricians who can come to your home and set it all up for you. They’ll check the electric wiring in your home to make sure it’s optimal for charging, as well as train you on how to use the technology safely and efficiently. Hiring a professional installation service saves you the burden of having to set up the charging station yourself, while keeping you, your family and your property unharmed.

What about public charging stations?

In addition to having the freedom of charging at home, driving an EV from Ford will also give you access to the largest public charging network in North America. There are more than 12,000 places to charge your Ford car. So if you ever go on a road trip, you won’t have to worry about getting stranded with a dead battery.

Webasto’s home charging stations

At Webasto, we offer home charging stations for a wide variety of EVs, including models by Ford. Here are just some of the key advantages you can expect with our residential charging products:

  • Speed: Our Level 2 charging stations (which plug into a 240 V outlet) can charge up to 10 times faster than mobile cables that plug into domestic sockets.
  • Safety: All of our products are UL-listed and our charging stations use fuse protection.
  • Customer service: Our 24/7 call center allows customers to receive help with their home charging stations whenever they need it.
Interested in learning more about charging your Ford car? Connect with us at Webasto today!

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