Map Your EV Adventure: Long-Distance Travel Tips with Charging Stations Apps

Posted by Marketing on Nov 09, 2023 07:00 AM

Map Your EV Adventure - Long Distance Travel Tips WIth Charging Station AppsEnjoy stress free travel so you can embark on long-distance electric vehicle travels with ease using these innovative charging station apps. 

One of the worst nightmares of any EV owner is to be left stranded on the road without enough charge to get you to the nearest station. If you’ve become a new owner of an electric vehicle, make sure you are planning routes that have plenty of charging points before you take part in long-distance journeys.  Remote areas or areas that have not built the infrastructure for EV’s make it very difficult to periodically charge your car.  

As EV’s become more popular, the EV infrastructure will eventually be built in areas that you may not be too familiar with. But until then, here are several innovative apps to help plan your next road trip and ensure you aren’t left on the road with no charge:  

Google Maps/Apple Maps: 

Depending on the type of play store you have, both Google Maps and Apple Maps will be available to you. Regardless they are both excellent choices that offer a variety of features that make your EV travels stress free.  

Some key features of Google Maps are that it offers an electric vehicle settings feature that allows you to specify the type of charger your EV needs. This functionality ensures that the app directs you to compatible charging stations during your journey. 

On the other hand, Apple Maps has a navigation system that automatically incorporates EV charging stops along your route, taking the guesswork out of finding charging stations. This is perfect to create a rough draft of your trip and the stops you can plan to take. 


PlugShare is a robust app that has access to over 250,000 chargers in the United States and Canada. They offer real-time updates on the availability of charging stations to make sure you aren’t waiting around when you stop to charge. It provides detailed information about nearby charging points. Including information on the type of charger, a station review score given by prior users to rank the charger's reliability and allows for in-app payment options.  

Your Car's App / EV Navigation / Other:  

Many EVs come equipped with their very own branded apps that are extremely reliable. Consider using these apps as they often provide information on nearby charging hubs, battery life, and estimated travel range. These apps often serve as a reliable tool for planning trips without the fear of running out of charge.  

The EV Navigation app is a turn-by-turn navigation app created for all and provides comprehensive information about compatible charging stations along your route. It not only displays available charging points but also calculates the most efficient charging stops to minimize time spent charging. 

With the aid of these intuitive apps, electric vehicle owners can confidently plan long-distance journeys, knowing they have access to a network of reliable charging stations along the way. Stay charged and on the move with these essential tools at your disposal. 

If you are still worried about traveling longer distances, consider the Webasto Go! Skip the lines and enjoy the convenience of being able to charge anytime and anywhere. 

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