Future-Proofing Transportation for Cities and Municipalities

Posted by Marketing on Apr 25, 2024 09:15 AM

Ampure Connect (cities)

Discover why Ampure is the ideal partner for cities looking to future-proof their community. 

As cities and municipalities embrace the opportunity to enhance sustainability and meet government regulations, the need for modern solutions to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental stewardship has never been more crucial. The Ampure TurboConnect™  Charging Station together with the Ampure App and Web Portal stand out as an innovative solution that meets these critical needs while fostering a healthier, more sustainable community. The TurboConnect™ charging station is not only Energy Star Rated but also offers a comprehensive array of services tailored to the needs of city leaders who are committed to offering electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities.

Taking steps towards EV adoption   

Public EV charging stations serve as a critical infrastructure that facilitates the adoption of electric vehicles. By increasing the availability of charging options, cities offer an essential service to the population, adding convenience while pushing for the electrification of mobility. This accessibility encourages residents and commuters to transition from traditional gasoline vehicles to electric ones, which in turn reduces local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 

Future-Proofing your community 

Additionally, public EV charging stations contribute to the local economy. They attract visitors who might spend time in the area while their vehicle charges, benefiting local businesses and increasing municipal revenue. Furthermore, these stations prepare cities for future technological advancements and regulations that may mandate a switch to electric vehicles, ensuring that the community remains ahead of the curve. 

TurboConnect™ Charging Stations for Cities and Municipalities  

Cities can enhance their electric vehicle charging capabilities with TurboConnect™ stations, which feature advanced automatic load management to distribute charge equitably among multiple connected vehicles. Leveraging existing grid infrastructure, TurboConnect™ chargers allows for a higher number of charged vehicles compared to conventional charging solutions.

The TurboConnect™ charging station boasts unparalleled uptime, ensuring that vehicles can be charged with virtually no interruptions. Thanks to its minimal downtime, cities can maintain continuous charging operations, maximizing efficiency and availability.

Designed to withstand heavy impact and extreme temperatures as low as -40°F and up to 122°F, the TurboConnect™ charging stations are built to be durable and reliable. This ensures a long-lasting hardware investment that supports the health of the community by reducing combustion emissions.  

Through a user-friendly online portal, city officials can manage maintenance, monitor parking, and process billing remotely. By monitoring parking behavior, the Ampure App helps cities generate revenue while promoting sustainable practices. This system supports the generation of carbon credits by providing connected wall boxes that contribute to a more sustainable urban environment. 

Ampure has a proven track record of successfully implementing the TurboConnect™ in cities and municipalities, demonstrating significant improvements in urban sustainability and resident satisfaction. These implementations have consistently met city goals for environmental responsibility and public service enhancement, confirming Ampure's reliability and effectiveness in advancing municipal EV infrastructure.

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