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Posted by Marketing on Apr 03, 2024 12:04 PM

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Discover why Ampure (formerly Webasto Charging Systems) is the partner of choice of many OEMs in the States. 

The electric vehicle revolution is upon us, and car manufacturers are at the forefront of this exciting shift. Innovation and customer satisfaction is a priority for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), therefore finding the right partner for EV charging solutions is crucial. 

With over 600'000 chargers already sold, AMPURE stands out in the industry as a reliable and experienced partner. Our comprehensive suite of EV charging products and services are designed to enhance your brand equity while empowering your customers.

AMPURE, formerly known as Webasto Charging Systems, has earned its impeccable reputation in the EV industry for its high volume production of exceptionally reliable charging solutions such as its to-go chargers, residential wall chargers, and public charging stations. Our expert engineering team and top of the line manufacturing plants allow us to stay ahead of the industry as well as the timely delivery of large quantities of our products. 

Tailored Solutions for Your Brand   

Brand Identity is everything for a successful OEM. With white labeling options, you can seamlessly integrate AMPURE charging products with your existing branding, reinforcing a unified and professional customer experience. Furthermore, customization goes beyond aesthetics – we offer opportunities to tailor charging solutions to your specific vehicle models and customer needs. With a long and successful history of labeling our products for car manufacturers like Ford and Toyota, AMPURE charging products have become the industry standard.  

Unmatched Durability and Safety 

Our commitment to quality goes beyond industry standards. AMPURE EV charging products are built to withstand rigorous testing and harsh environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimizing downtime. AMPURE chargers are renowned for their safety and reliability, offering and effortless charging experience and an unmatched battery life longevity. Additionally, we prioritize safety by incorporating all necessary certifications and adhering to the strictest safety protocols, giving you and your customers complete peace of mind. 

Creating a Seamless User Experience 

AMPURE EV charging goes beyond just hardware. We provide a complete user experience solution through our intuitive AMPURE ChargeConnect App and Web Portal. The App offers real-time tracking, charging history, and convenient features for hassle-free charging. The Web Portal empowers administrators with remote management capabilities, allowing to monitor charging station usage, analyze data, and optimize operations – creating a smooth and informative experience for your customers. 

More Than Just Charging 

AMPURE’s commitment extends beyond the charging hardware and software. We offer ongoing support, technical expertise, and comprehensive training programs to ensure your team is equipped to handle installation, maintenance, and user inquiries efficiently. 

Partnering for Success  

AMPURE stands as a reliable partner offering superior technology, exceptional user experience, and unwavering commitment to quality. Let's work together to shape the future of EV charging and empower your customers to embrace a cleaner, more sustainable driving experience. 

Interested in joining the electric revolution? Contact us today to see the various EV solutions we offer to make your business stand out in the industry!

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