Electrification of America: States with the Best EV Infrastructure

Posted by Marketing on Feb 06, 2024 07:00 AM

Electrification of America States with the Best EV Infrastructure

Discover the states leading the way in EV infrastructure development. See how these states are looking into the future of electrification and the measures they are taking.

EV owners across the country are gathering in these states to reliably charge their vehicles and use them to the best of their capabilities. Determining whether a state has great EV infrastructure is based upon how many available chargers are readily available, average charging cost, and the future electrification roadmap of that state.  

Look at a few of the most promising states according to these criteria and see where you fit best in the electrification in America.  


With over 41,931 public charging outlets and more than 900,000 light-duty electric vehicles1, it's no secret that California has been leading the way in electric vehicle infrastructure. It is the first of 13 states to require all new cars, SUVS, and more to generate no emission by 2035. Meaning all new vehicles sold at dealerships must be 100% zero emission. 

Cities such as San Jose, Los Angeles, and San Diego are hub spots for fast charging Level 2 and DC charging stations. The steady increase of EVs, the availability of the variety of charging options, and promises to continue building EV infrastructure, EV owners can be confident that this state is one of the best to live in to ensure you are never out of charge. 

New York 

In a bid to achieve net-zero transportation greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, New York has been investing heavily in its EV infrastructure. With 3,631 public charging stations and initiatives like the "EV Make Ready" program, the state aims to deploy 850,000 electric vehicles by 20252. Organizations like PlugNYC and NYCDOT have been instrumental in making curbside Level 2 chargers more accessible.  

As compact as New York City is, it has amassed alone over 1,000 charging stations and is making great progress in creating the largest electric vehicle charging network in the country. As an EV owner you get to enjoy multiple tax credits, rebates, and even free parking for driving an EV or building EV infrastructure. With all the help New York is getting and the budget the government is setting aside for EV infrastructure, you can be confident that owning an EV in New York will be a great investment for the future.  


A state that is well known for its oil-based economy but is making significant strides in the realm of electric vehicles. The state currently has 2,939 public charging stations and has been using up to $408 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to continue to expand EV charging stations across the state. 

The state does, however, have one of the highest taxes for owning and for purchasing an EV. This acts almost as a small barrier to entering the EV market that predominately hurts those within the lower income bracket but is generally offset in the future by the money saved from not having to refuel, and maintenance. In addition, Texas has an average cost of electricity of 9.14 cents/kWH3, which makes it one of the cheapest states for EV charging. The EV landscape is still being sculpted in Texas, but it seems like there are big plans in the future with electrification to make the transition to EV much more seamless. 

The globalization of EVs and EV charging is happening rapidly, with states like California, New York, and Texas leading the way. EV ownership is becoming more affordable and convenient, and enticing more people to make the switch to electric vehicles. With heavy investment in EV infrastructure, tax credits, and rebates, we can expect this trend to continue in the coming years. 

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