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In our last post we let you in on the top three questions asked by most prospective EV owners. Having insight to the most popular questions may help with your purchasing decision – so here are three more to consider when you’re looking to buy an EV.

Q4: Is it expensive to recharge my electric car?

You can estimate how much it will cost to recharge your EV at home by taking a look at your electricity bill and knowing the efficiency of your EV. The efficiency of an EV is measured by how much electricity is required to drive 100 miles. For example – the 2016 BMW i3 is rated at 22 kWh/100 miles. With this, you’ll have a ballpark idea since your bill will show how much you pay for your electricity per kilowatt-hour.

Q5: Charging my EV at home is easy, but what will I do at work or on the road?

EVs have gained in popularity – so, today, it’s pretty easy to charge up when you’re away from home. Public charging stations can be found while on the road at the tap of a finger – in fact, there are mobile apps available that will find the nearest location for you. Additionally, many workplaces have charging stations for employees (and some may be accessible for public use). If your company, doesn’t have workplace charging yet, visit to learn how easy and affordable it is for your employer to get started.

Q6: Are there any tax credits available for EV owners?

Don’t get left behind! Many states offer tax credits, tax deductions and other incentives – so it’s easy to get rewarded for buying an EV. The most lucrative tax credit currently available is the Federal Tax Credit, which gives you a credit of up to $7,500. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles to see what is offered in your state, or visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center list.

As a prospective EV owner, it’s critical to know if a new EV is right for you. We hope these questions help to make your decision easier.

Don’t forget to check out part one of the blog to learn what the top three questions are. And if you’re interested in learning more about charging options available for your new EV, click here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to let us know which EV will go home with you!


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