Charge Up Your Apartment with Webasto's EV Solutions

Posted by Marketing on Dec 18, 2023 04:41 PM

Charge Up Your Apartment with Webastos EV Solutions

Worried about EV charging as an apartment dweller? Explore Webasto's innovative solutions for large complexes, individual units, and the future of connected charging.

The rise of electric vehicles (EVs) is undeniable, but for many apartment dwellers, access to charging remains a significant obstacle. Fear not! Innovative companies like Webasto are developing smart and convenient EV charging solutions specifically designed for multi-unit dwellings.

TurboDX: Powerhouse for Complexes of any size

The Webasto TurboDX is a powerful charging station designed for large apartment buildings, condominiums, and commercial parking structures. This versatile solution offers:

  • Scalability: The TurboDX can accommodate a large number of EVs, with the possibility of dual, triple, and even quad installation. This scalability ensures that as the number of EV owners within a complex grows, the charging infrastructure can adapt and meet their needs.
  • Safe in all weather: The Turbo DX is equipped with a NEMA Type 4 enclosure, making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Its robust construction allows it to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, with an operating temperature range of -40ºF to 131ºF.
  • Easy to use: Turbo DX is an easy-to-use plug and play charging solution. Simply, plug it in and the quick read status indicators will let you know the charging status.

The TurboDX empowers apartment complexes to attract and retain eco-conscious residents by providing convenient and reliable EV charging infrastructure. If you are a apartment complex owner or property developer, see how you EV charging can actually attract more tenants here!

Webasto Go: Simple and Flexible for Individual Units

For apartment dwellers seeking an individual charging solution, the Webasto Go offers a perfect answer. This compact and portable charging station provides:

  • Plug-and-play functionality: Easy to install and use, Webasto Go requires minimal technical expertise. Users simply plug it into a standard outlet and begin charging their EV.
  • Multiple power options: Webasto Go is available in various power levels to accommodate different charging needs and electrical infrastructure capabilities with swappable 120V and 240V grid plugs. Experience charging speeds of up to 7.7kW, delivering power to your electric vehicle up to 5 times faster than a standard Level 1 cordset.
  • Safe charging anywhere: Charge indoors or outdoors, no matter the weather conditions. Webasto Go also determines and sets the correct power level according to global technical and legal requirements. The swappable grid plug enables low & high-power charging in hundreds of countries across the world.
  • Portable and easy: Portable and versatile, weighing in at only 9 lbs (4.1kg), this compact charging system is the ideal companion for at-home or on-the-go charging. With its high-power capabilities, you can enjoy the convenience of charging your EV wherever you are. Plus, installation costs are significantly lower compared to units that require permanent wall mounting and direct electrical wiring into your home's system.

With the Webasto Go, apartment dwellers can enjoy the convenience of EV charging without relying on complex building infrastructure.

TurboConnect: The Future of Connected EV Charging

Looking to the future, the Webasto TurboConnect represents the cutting edge of EV charging technology. This innovative solution offers:

  • Integrated energy management: The TurboConnect seamlessly integrates with building energy management systems, optimizing energy consumption, and enables carbon credit reporting, reducing costs for residents and property managers.
  • Powerful performance: With its robust charging capacity of 11.5kW at 240V and a maximum output of 48A, the TurboConnect delivers 50 miles of range per hour, ensuring swift and efficient charging.
  • Easy installation: With its effortless installation and guided setup deployment, the TurboConnect seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of open-source platforms and standards, enabling effortless integration with existing systems and future technologies.

The Webasto TurboConnect paves the way for a future where apartment complexes are not just EV-friendly, but actively contribute to a smarter and greener energy ecosystem. 

By offering a range of innovative EV charging solutions, Webasto empowers apartment dwellers to embrace sustainable mobility with confidence and convenience. For a more in-depth guide to charging your vehicle while living at in an apartment, consider our previous post here

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