Back…to the future, again?

Posted by Marketing on Mar 14, 2023 07:15 AM

The DeLorean returns, as a four-seater EV. The Alpha5 promises a 300-mile range and a 100kW battery. Does this highly-touted return officially solidify EVs as ‘cool?

The future of electric vehicle (EV) technology may be firmly rooted in the past.  

Whether inspired by nostalgia, a fondness for reminiscing about the ‘80’s or simply a love of gull-wing doors, the surprising return of the DeLorean heralds the arrival of EV ‘cool.’ 

Back to the Future is widely considered by many film buffs to represent the peak 1980’s aesthetic. The jackets were puffy, the hair was teased, and — most importantly — the car was rad.  The highest-grossing film of 1985 introduced audiences worldwide to the DeLorean Motor Company (DMC) sports car that would go on to become synonymous with the excess of the decade.  

Thirty-seven years later, the surprising announcement of the all-EV Alpha5 heralds DMC’s return to the automotive industry — just in time to inspire new generations of wide-eyed devotees. 

Future cool 

A recent Yahoo Finance article describes DeLorean’s foray into the EV market as the impressive union of iconic design with cutting-edge technology. The new design boasts an all-electric engine capable of achieving 0-60 mph in 2.99 seconds. Although the DeLorean’s exterior may evoke memories of the stainless-steel paneled mid-eighties icon, the performance metrics are clearly the result of today’s advanced electric-powered ingenuity.  

Electrek reports that the forthcoming Alpha5 model will come equipped with a 300-mile range, and the .23 Cd drag coefficient is a marked improvement from the original. The EV — set to be priced in the mid-high $100,000’s — is said to have a top speed of 155 mph and features a battery size of over 100 kWh. 

For science

In the movie, Christopher Lloyd’s ‘Doc’ Brown built a time machine out of a 1981 DeLorean. In 2022, the return of the gull-winged sports car could solidify the arrival of EV to the section of the cultural zeitgeist reserved for the collective ‘cool.’  

The reveal comes at a time when the media perception of EV technology is changing. The SuperBowl — often regarded as the pinnacle of American spectacle — has traditionally advertised diesel-fuel pickup trucks and throaty sports coupes in the multitude of commercials airing during the big game.  

Deseret News reports that this year’s game showcased no less than seven EV commercials, representing a push from automakers to promote the sustainable technologies that are increasingly popular amongst consumers. Companies like BMV and Kia spent an unprecedented $6.5 million for a 30-second commercial — indicating a desire to appeal to today’s environmentally-conscious consumers.  

While Back…to the Future star Michael J. Fox wasn’t featured in this year’s ads, fellow icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Myers conveyed a message that has become increasingly common knowledge: EV technology is ‘cool.’  

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