4 Reasons Why the Webasto Go Makes Sense for Your Fleet

Posted by Marketing on Apr 11, 2023 07:00 AM

4 Reasons Why the Webasto Go Makes Sense for Your Fleet

The Webasto Go provides maximum flexibility for your fleet of vehicles.  Here are a few reasons why the Webasto Go is in your business's best interest.

When it comes to transportation, the future is likely to be electric. Whether for commercial, personal and business or strictly personal use, an increasing number of cars and trucks on the road today are plug-in or hybrid, In fact, CNN reports that nationwide sales are close to three times higher today than what they were in 2018, despite their being more expensive than the traditional that runs on unleaded regular or diesel.  

Nevertheless, EV owners say it's worth it over the long term, based on what they're able to save on gas and how they benefit the environment. As a fleet owner, rental car provider or anyone else who works in a fleet environment, you're likely on the ground floor of the EV transition, both in the cars and trucks offered as well as what customers choose when they need to rent. Many city dwellers say they're considering buying an EV for their next vehicle and close to 70% of those who already own one plan to do it again, according to the Pew Research Center.  

With these facts in mind, the Webasto Go is the perfect complement to your current and future fleet.   

This plug-and-play solution is designed to charge virtually any EV regardless of its brand or model. Equipped with an intelligent grid plug assembly and premium dual voltage (120 volt and 240 volt) capability, the Webasto Go provides maximum flexibility for your vehicles, your customers or your employees.  

Here are a few reasons why the Webasto Go is in your business's best interest: 

1. California going all electric by 2035
America's most populous state, whose economy is bigger than most countries, has more charging stations than any other state. And within 12 years, the only new cars and trucks sold in the Golden State will be EVs and plug-in hybrids, a move announced by the state government in August 2022 through Executive Order N-79-20. 

If you have locations in California, being EV-ready will be a must. The Webasto Go ensures you will be — and that you'll be using the technology  down the road. 

2. Several car brands are all in on all electric

Tesla may currently be known for offering solely electric automobiles in a market where such a strategy is uncommon. Soon, however, they'll be just one of many that does so. Within 20 years or less, auto manufacturing giants such as Toyota, Nissan as well as General Motors (the world's largest car maker) are phasing out combustion engines and rolling out all-electric lineups, according to Mashable. Several smaller makers are doing so as well, including luxury brands such as Bentley and Jaguar. Some are committing to making the transition as early as 2035.

3. More EV options than ever before 

Among those companies that aren't going entirely electric, the vast majority offer at least one all electric or hybrid model. Brands like Lincoln, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo and Dodge Ram don't yet offer electric or hybrid vehicles, but plan to.  

4. EVs are selling well 
How well? According to The Wall Street Journal, 1 in every 10 cars sold worldwide in 2022 runs on electricity. The best sellers were those made by Tesla, SAIC Motor, Volkswagen and BYD. 

The EV market is poised to get larger, and the Webasto Go
can help you charge out ahead of your competition.

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