2024 EV Outlook: Buckle Up for an Electrifying Ride

Posted by Marketing on Jan 04, 2024 10:00 AM

Buckle Up 2024

Buckle up! 2024 is electrifying for EVs with booming sales, innovative models, and charging infrastructure leaps. Get ready for the new generation of EV's coming to market!

2023 was a banner year for electric vehicles (EVs). Sales soared, new models flooded the market, and charging infrastructure expanded rapidly. But 2024 promises to be even more electrifying. Here's a look at what we can expect:

Booming Sales:

EV sales are expected to continue their upward trajectory in 2024, reaching 10% of global new car sales by the end of the year. This growth is being fueled by several factors, including: 

  • Falling battery costs: Batteries are the most expensive component of an EV, but their costs have been declining rapidly. This is making EVs more affordable for more consumers. 
  • Expanding model selection: There are now more EVs on the market than ever before, from sedans and SUVs to trucks and even motorcycles. This gives consumers more choices to find the perfect EV for their needs. 
  • Government incentives: Many governments are offering tax breaks and other incentives to encourage EV adoption. These incentives can make a big difference in the upfront cost of an EV.

New and Improved EVs for 2024:

We can expect to see a wave of new and improved EVs hit the market in 2024. New models will offer longer ranges, faster charging times, and more advanced features.  

  • Honda Prologue  
  • Range: Up to 300 miles (estimated) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 7-8 hours; DC fast charging (400V): 30-40 minutes (estimated) 
  • Key feature: Spacious and versatile interior with a minimalist, modern design. Perfect for families or those who love road trips. 
  • Kia EV9 
  • Range: Up to 330 miles (estimated) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 8-10 hours; DC fast charging (400V): 30-40 minutes (estimated) 
  • Key feature: Three rows of seating and tons of cargo space make it the ultimate electric family hauler or adventure companion. Plus, its futuristic design and playful tech features will turn heads. 
  • Chevy Silverado EV 
  • Range: Up to 400 miles (estimated) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 9-10 hours; DC fast charging (400V): 40-50 minutes (estimated) 
  • Key feature: Built for work and play, this electric Silverado boasts impressive towing capacity, off-road prowess, and a spacious interior. An onboard generator adds extra practicality and disaster preparedness. 
  • Ford F-150 Lightning 
  • Range: Up to 320 miles (extended-range battery) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 8-10 hours; DC fast charging (150kW): 40-45 minutes (extended-range battery) 
  • Key feature: This electric F-150 delivers all the power and capability of its gas-powered counterpart, with the added bonus of instant torque and zero emissions. 
  • Tesla Cybertruck 
  • Range: Up to 350+ miles (estimated) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 9-11 hours; DC fast charging (250kW+): 20-30 minutes (estimated) 
  • Key feature: This angular behemoth isn't your average pickup. Its exoskeleton design, insane performance (0-60 mph in under 2.9 seconds!) 
  • Cadillac Escalade IQ 
  • Range: Up to 450 miles (estimated) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 10-12 hours; DC fast charging (350kW): 30-40 minutes (estimated) 
  • Key feature: Luxury redefined in the electric age. Think 55-inch interior display, 40-speaker sound system (yes, you read that right!), and enough space to pamper seven passengers in ultimate comfort. Prepare to experience electric opulence like never before. 
  • Chevrolet Blazer EV 
  • Range: Up to 247 miles (estimated) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 6-8 hours; DC fast charging (150kW): 30-40 minutes (estimated) 
  • Key feature: Adventure awaits! This sporty electric SUV blends off-road capability with a stylish design and a spacious interior. Perfect for weekend warriors and active families seeking electric thrills. 
  • Polestar 3 
  • Range: Up to 300 miles (estimated) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 7-8 hours; DC fast charging (250kW+): 20-30 minutes (estimated) 
  • Key feature: Performance meets Scandinavian style. This sleek SUV delivers exhilarating acceleration, sharp handling, and a minimalist, luxurious interior. Perfect for tech-savvy drivers who appreciate both power and design. 
  • Volkswagen ID. Buzz 
  • Range: Up to 270 miles (estimated) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 7-8 hours; DC fast charging (150kW): 30-40 minutes (estimated) 
  • Key feature: Reimagining the iconic VW bus for the electric era. This spacious and charming vehicle offers flexible seating, panoramic views, and a focus on sustainable materials. Ideal for families, eco-conscious adventurers, and anyone who loves a retro vibe with a modern twist. 
  • Volvo EX30 
  • Range: Up to 248 miles (estimated) 
  • Charging time: Level 2 (240V): 6-8 hours; DC fast charging (150kW): 30-40 minutes (estimated) 
  • Key feature: Safety and sustainability collide in this compact SUV. Packed with cutting-edge safety tech and built with recycled materials, the EX30 is the perfect choice for eco-conscious individuals and families who prioritize both style and substance. 

Estimates, and final specs may vary, but one thing's for sure: 2024 is an electrifying year for EVs, and there's a perfect option waiting for every driver. 

Charging Infrastructure Growth:

One of the biggest challenges facing EV adoption is the lack of charging infrastructure. However, this is rapidly changing. In 2024, we can expect to see: 

  • More public charging stations: Governments and businesses are investing heavily in building out public charging networks. This will make it easier for EV owners to find places to charge on the go. 
  • Faster charging technology: New charging technologies are being developed that can significantly reduce charging times. This will make EVs more practical for long-distance travel. 
  • Bidirectional charging: This technology allows EVs to send power back to the grid, which can help to stabilize the grid and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. 

Overall, the outlook for EVs in 2024 is incredibly bright. EVs are poised to take a major leap forward in market share. If you're thinking about buying an EV, 2024 is the perfect time to do it. 

In addition to the trends mentioned above, here are a few other things to watch in the EV space in 2024: 

  • The increasing popularity of electric motorcycles and scooters: These two-wheeled EVs are a great way to get around town without using gas. 
  • The development of solid-state batteries: These batteries have the potential to be much more powerful and last longer than traditional lithium-ion batteries. 

2024 is packed with innovation and excitement for EV's for a thrilling ride! Ready to plug into the future? Contact us today to see how Webasto can help keep your EV charged!


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